A.I powered portraits by electronic artist OUTERGROUND

The Remastered collection Volume1 is a series of A.I augmented animation sequences by electronic artist OUTERGROUND. Available in limited editions of 5 on the #cleannft platform of where xtz (tezos) transactions have hugely reduced energy requirements & fees compared to ETH.

Derived from old Master portraits, subtle facial expressions breathe life into historical subjects, offering the viewer an imaginary glimpse into the past.Famous figures & self portraits sit alongside anonymous subjects by some of the very best artists from the Renaissance to the Victorian period.Series 1 comprises 25 animations in limited editions of 5

OUTERGROUND says “I have to admit, I was quite surprised at the results, they’re kind of spooky, eery & ghostly, haunting us from the past. Each image presents it’s own challenges in terms of style and pose and there is quite a lot of deliberation about what kind of expression and attitude each portrait has. Most of the images in the series went through a series of iterations before they felt right. The collection is somewhat curated to represent a wide range of artists, styles and subjects. I really like them and feel a strange connection to the now ‘animated’ subjects in each animation. Weirrrrrrd !”

mime type: video.mp4 7 seconds

The first animation to be minted is the enigmantic Aglaee Louise Auguie Ney Duchess of Elchingen Princess of Moscow by Baron Francois Gerard – 1812
minted on the clean nft platform


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