All you see are squares. #002

All you see are squares. #002

This is a continuation of the same concept from “All you see are squares.” Exploring this concept of human beings living out their lives through square portals has been an enjoyable and on its head experience. Each square is hand drawn and digitally painted in such a way that it plays off of the specific motif.

Starting a series for the “All you can see are squares.”

Geometric forms are the building blocks to formulating a visual work of art. There is this fascination seen time and again with geometry or repetition throughout art history. In this case, playing off of this proposed perspective that individuals live out there lives through square portals and the effects of having a culturally relevant and forced perspective. Whether it is paint on canvas, a photograph, or drawing on a tablet, this geometry acts as a window into or out of something. What are the ramifications of having such a highly ingrained way of viewing the world. What’s interesting is that as I hand draw each square, I am only further increasing my perception of what can be done in this macro view.


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