Amber Eyes.

‘The woman with the Amber eyes.’ is all he remembered from his past life. Was she taken? Captured? Did she merely just leave? For all his aptitude, cleverness and the keen senses he had been gifted — all that remained in memory were those bright amber eyes as they faded away, and into the nothingness of night.

The titular character of a hardboiled story I am currently writing titled, “Amber Eyes”. This was my initial first concept sketch of her. 

Amber Eyes is a hardboiled, detective drama based in Electric City, an megalopolis with a dark and mythical history that has been lost to the modern world — historical records destroyed from public archives, and keepers of old-world knowledge seemingly wiped from existence. Corporate meddling by the powers that be? Or simply relics of the past that fade as the world turns?

Enter Vison. A private investigator with a penchant for getting to the bottom of even the deepest of mysteries…except his own. Selective amnesia, his shrink keeps telling him. Some sort of reaction of past trauma, and all that’s left is a dream that begins and ends with a struggle, and…’the woman with the amber eyes’.

Amber Eyes on OpenSea 

– Currently up on OpenSea for 4Ξ –

When I as first creating this story, I drew inspiration for each character starting with a simple trait from an animal — some I have given more visual representation than others.
Amber here for instance, started with a gazelle.

The scripting is being done right now and there will be plenty more art to come. 


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