Art of Yoga Spirit #2

I love the concept of Yoga that integrates with my art style. Blending the energy of yoga, which brings the soul and body together with the universe, with art gives me pleasure. I think it makes more sense for NFT collectors when a little digital touch is added to the work but this one fully original and signed. 

Here are #2 of my Art of Yoga Spirit collection. Watercolor, acrylic mixed technic-1/1.
An artistic greeting in my style to Yoga, which transforms the harmonious energy of the soul and body into art. 

Maybe it’s time to buy this special piece of art. 🎨

I can’t wait to meet my first collector in the NFT universe.
This world is an important motivation and opportunity for us artists who make a living through art. Stay with art, always.


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Written by Sugart


Sculpture Artist, Painter, Illustrator from Olympos, Antalya, Turkey.

Artist Seker Mehmet Senyer also known as Sugart, graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department in 1994. In the same year, his work titled “Love” was awarded and found worthy to be exhibited in the State Painting and Sculpture competition.

He opened his first solo exhibition in Istanbul named “Infinite Form” in Galata. Şenyer’s painting and sculpture works, which seem to concentrate on “Effect” in particular, bear the traces of this concept. Senyer, who managed to master themes such as “quick”, “intense”, “effective” and “endless” in his works, has taken a special place among today’s modern artists.

Until August 2017, he gave painting / basic art training in his workshop in Istanbul Cihangir and Taksim Art under the titles of fine arts preparation and hobby. He trained many students in the sculpture and art workshops.

In January-February 2020, Şeker Mehmet Şenyer’s painting exhibition Art of Calmness opened in Koh Phangan and Bangkok Thailand met with art lovers.

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