Auguste Strobl by Joseph Stieler 1827 – a wry smile perhaps ?  (FRESH MINT) Auguste Strobl by Joseph Karl Stieler -1827 The Remastered collection Volume1 is a series of A.I augmented animation sequences by electronic artist OUTERGROUND derived from Old Master Portraits.

Auguste was the daughter of a Royal Chief Accountant and it’s unclear how she came to the attention of Ludwig 1st of Bavaria but he wrote poetry to her and ordered his court painter Joseph Karl Stieler to paint her.

The first portrait over emphasised her strong ‘goose neck’ figure and the second portrait was deemed more naturalistic. It is this version that I have animated. Auguste has a very strong look turning her head over her left shoulder to address the viewer. I had no hesitation in giving Auguste a wry smile with a raised eyebrow.

The portrait was famously part of Ludwig’s Gallery of Beauties. I’m guessing she wasn’t too bothered by all of the royal attention, having been brought up in aristocratic circles. With Ludwig’s approval she later married a Forester Hilber von Ergoldsbach and they had 5 children together.

source: wiki – Auguste Strobl 


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