In terms of computer-aided creation, this work is probably one of the best I have ever made. The textures and the play of light seem to me of a high quality. I had been looking for a long time to achieve this kind of perfection in terms of the quality of the materials.

     I use the Blender software to create my computer graphics. I must admit that it is an extremely powerful software which allows an immense amount of possibilities… My textures are programmed using a node system, a system that gives us the chance to explore surfaces and materials almost infinitely.

     My creative process is very similar, from one work to another. I start by having fun creating shapes on a sheet of paper, using pencils. I draw a front view -anterior view-, and a side view. This sketch then gives me enough information to model my shapes using a computer and a graphic tablet.

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fine art (

Sketch with colored pencils and pastel…

The modeling process

Texturing with nodes

Some preparatory renderings…

A different lighting


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