Break Free From Your Shell

This  painting was inspired by the notion that even though sometimes we feel like we are stuck ‘in our own shell’, just like a turtle, we need to have the courage to break free, get out there and explore the unknown. 

Even though it may be daunting to try something new and sometimes even scary, if we don’t try new things or explore the unknown, we risk losing out on incredible opportunities and experiences. 

I very much felt like this when I wanted to expand my skills as an artist and decided to go from skin (I’ve been a tattoo artist for over a decade) to digital paper. Trying to learn a new program and adapting how to use a digital pen and paper was very different from drawing on traditional paper or tattooing on skin. The first few times I was so frustrated because my paintings were nowhere close to the quality that I was used to producing on traditional paper or skin. It literally felt like I had to re-learn how to draw! 

After all, I am very glad that I stuck with it and wasn’t afraid of exploring something new because otherwise I would not be writing this article and sharing my story with you today. 

‘Break Free From Your Shell’ is also available on Open Sea. It currently does not have a listing price, so feel free to make an offer.


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