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Invnt-Art proudly presents – NFT entertainment. The one-and-only digital art ‘news channel’ collection featuring awesome folks from the NFT industry.

The first drop as part of this brand-new collection is ‘What’s the Beeple Buzz all about?’. 

No, Beeple is not a toy. Beeple is an artist and kind of a big deal. He sold an NFT for lots of crypto money…like LOTS. Oh, and his art is INSANELY GOOD. Now you know what the Beeple buzz is all about and why you have to have this digitally hand-drawn NFT of Beeple.

The ‘What’s the Beeple Buzz all about?’ NFT is digitally hand drawn and includes unlockable content. A high resolution version will be provided upon purchase (3508px by 2480px, 300 dpi).

Check out this NFT on Open Sea now to avoid missing out! 

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