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Caïssa Crypto Chess | 3D printed for NFT owners

“Caïssa Crypto Chess” collection consists of limited original chess sets designed and produced, minted as audio-animated NFTs and 3D printed as physical assets by Madalina Bucur.


Being a 3D modeller and designer, I decided to design and print my own chess set. The new crypto boom also influenced the sharp geometric design language of the pieces and made me realise that, in limited numbers, I can make it happen for other crypto chess enthusiasts as a PHYGITAL asset. The announcement of the collection started on Foundation 👈🏼 back in March.



Little did I know that a tweet can be so powerful. Mark Cuban himself retweeted my collection which had over 24k views and then later on I also got featured in’s #2 Newsletter.



CCC collection consists of a limited series of uniquely designed chess sets. At the moment, the very first design is available on RARIBLE 👈🏼in 3 different colour combinations. There are and will ONLY be 3 units of each existent. My plan is to bring a new design with different colour combos every year or even twice a year, depending on the demand.

#001 Sunset over Arabian Mate‘s colour scheme is inspired by the sand and the sky of the Arabian Desert. Arabian Mate is the oldest checkmate pattern. The Rook attacks the King and the Knight covers an escape square of the defending King and also protects the attacking Rook.


#002 Alien Smothered Mate‘s rich polarising pigments are of alien nature. The geometric design makes each piece pop out as an opulent gemstone. In chess, a Smothered Mate is a checkmate delivered by a knight in which the mated king is unable to move because he is surrounded (or smothered) by his own pieces.  


#003 The Monarch’s Lufting captures a nectar-filled enchanted forest. This theme was chosen to also raise awareness of the bees’, monarchs’ and fireflies’ extinction. The colour scheme indicates the royal dainty of the Monarch Butterfly, in harmony with Mother Nature. In chess, “lufting” means a pawn move that leaves a square to which a king (usually a castled one) may then retreat.  “Give the King some luft.”



The 3D printing process can be very complex when it comes to the different pigments, transparencies and outstanding quality. It can take me up to 30 days to produce the physical set.

  1. The 3D printing file is carefully prepared in Chitubox Slicer for adding the supports
  2. The desired tinted resin is obtained by gradually mixing premium quality RGB UV resins;
  3. 16 pieces(1 colour set) are printed in about 24 hours; 
  4. The pieces are prepared for ultrasonic cleaning and UV cured afterwards.
  5. The 18x18cm plexiglass chessboard is primed, then spray-painted the opposite colour using checkered stencils.

Each colour set has its own sachet. The entire set comes in foam-insulated box 20cmx20cm together with some descriptive flyers for each set and piece, including a Certificate of Authenticity.


Feel free to bid on directly on RARIBLE  You can also contact me to send you the License Agreement prior to your purchase. Once the NFT is purchased, the unlockable content will provide you a link that gets you to the Order Request Form. On your demand, I proceed the order in about 30 days from the request date. I send you the corresponding physical set (the boxed 32 pieces together with the plexiglass board and the Certificate of Authenticity) to the address provided in the form.

❗I warrant to use the information provided by you ONLY for the delivery of the physical asset. I warrant to respect your personal details and keep them safe and secure, to NEVER sell or exchange your information with another organisation and to respond quickly if you ask to change the details or stop using the information provided. 



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