Collecting i-treasure from the #NFTverse

I’ve been writing about various aspect of blockchain for over four years now, you could say I’m somewhat a veteran, but even I was only vaguely interested in the future of nft art up until earlier this year. NFT artwork has rapidly become one of the phenomenons of the early 21st Century and it’s only just beginning.

As blockchain finds it’s true purpose in life (and there are many perfect use cases for it) the sudden ability to buy and sell digital artwork via the medium of cryptocurrency feels so fresh, relevant and WAY OVERDUE that I can’t quite believe it didn’t happen earlier. (well it kind of did and didn’t)..

                                                      screenshot from my collection on hicetnunc

cryptokitties et al led the early march with an algorithmic, gamified & collectible profit driven cryptomarket and ethereum miners still have the lion’s share of the transactions, but now the likes of and are enabling an accessible way for artists of all types / statures and collectors with pockets both deep and shallow (& perhaps ethical questions) to join in this new way of participating in the artworld on the tezos platform.

Tezos is not as well known as Ethereum but it is does use a state of the art protocol that places it way lower down the scale of carbon footprint (and fees) and this makes it (imho), a real future growth area. Tezos has cracked a problem which many other blockchains previously took for granted. *Transactions on Tezos use between 1 and 10 million times less energy and about the same energy as contained in a sunflower seed to mint an object (their own words, paraphrased.) Other blockchains (they claim) can use up to 30 litres of oil to mint an object. THAT’S HUGE.. As someone fairly well invested in the future and not one to be wasteful, I think this singular point cannot be underestimated.

Tezos is pretty well managed and the bakers do a good job of keeping the network glitch free and running smoothly. I really like the lower energy approach and for mass adoption, tezos and it’s xtz coin have a part to play in showing how it can be done cleanly and with more onus on fairness and one eye on our collective future with what is now known as #cleannfts  

NFT’s are a great way to transfer ownership of abstracts and tokenisation has created a super shift in the way we think about transfer of assets. In terms of the artworld, the amazing properties of smart contracts leverage something entirely novel. LIFETIME GUARANTEED percentage royalties on future sales.. That promises to turn the artworld on it’s head and I’d like to hear to see how this affects the resale market (& the prospects of the 95% of artists) who currently don’t make an actual living from their work.

                                                     my hicetnunc collection is growing !

It’s important to point out here that the traditional market is quite separate in many ways from nonphysical work, although collectors have been accumulating digital work in the form of video tapes ? etc for years now and moreover NFT’s can be accompanied by an actual physical OBJKT as part of a transaction.

Smart contracts proved the ability for additional / unlockable content, which only the owner can access, usually in the form of a link to another asset.. this brings in an interesting notion.. I have a collection on and every piece of work comes with an unlockable piece of content. Without blowing the secret, let’s just say that if you took a look at my website you’d probably guess what your bonus prize might be.

Collecting PIXELS
As a Creative Director and producer of Animation for quite a few quadrillion pixels or so, I’ve seen more digital images than most people have had hot dinners (and that’s not an exaggeration).. I’m used to seeing digital work on screen and have always wondered if there would ever be a market outside of serviced production for digital artwork, animation, photocollage, digital painting..  I’m surprised how quickly I’ve immersed myself (& been immensely satisfied by) delving into the underground of digital art on the various platforms over the last few months.

                                                     still frame from one of my own works Dragonfly Shimmer on HEN

Don’t get me wrong, there is some absolutely awful stuff out there, verging on unviewable.. however, I am truly amazed, encouraged and enlivened by the reams of beautifully thought out and executed art that’s out there, from figurative digital painting to creative coded worlds and everything in between.

It’s a joy to behold and Ive become a budding collector myself. I’ve collected physical art for years, many pieces from friends, some gifts from fellow artists (& family artists) and other OBJKTS of desire I just saw & liked, but I don’t have the wall space (in a rather large house) to hang everything so it often sits forlornly against the wall in a quiet world of bubblewrap. My digital art collection has no such problem. It’s there whenever I want to see it, I can share it with anyone via multiple screens and the excitement of buying is a bit moreish.. as my collection begins to grow, I, a few of these budding artists have an exciting career ahead of them and it’s nice to be part of, to encourage with a token gesture of buying work for a few $ that might encourage someone to greater achievements. Hey one day there might even be a proft in the work ?

I did buy a piece by moratiel in a drop. It was a few hundred dollars. I really wanted a Mr Brainwash but the platform it was auctioned on didn’t hold up too well and it was all a bit of a mess. I won one but didn’t actually get it. Anyway, I like the piece, it’s odd, strange and has a personal interest to me in that the skin of the creature it represents is made of a spotify playlist. As a spotify artist, how could I resist it’s charms ?


My hicetnunc collection is an eclectic range of figurative painting, illustration, glitch work, frame animation, rotoscoping, creative coding / generative art and photocollage.. mostly stuff I like doing myself. I can honestly say I enjoy owning the work, no matter how tenuous the connection is. I don’t own or need the copyright, I am happy to have it as something I own and can sell on. That’s the fun. I’ve collected many things in my time. As a child I was a junior philatelist and had quite a cool stamp collection. I also built an impressive collection of keyrings. (I still like them) and often buy them for my kids !  As I got older I built collections of various things including but not limited to succulents, badges and as mentioned art.

I hope the space continues to evolve, growing in exciting directions and doesn’t become the fidget spinner fad of 2021. I’m also hoping to find new homes for my own work. my next venture will debut on nftshowroom which is on HIVE…that’s a whole new article. PROOF of ART

I’m open to swapping work with other artists on the tezos network.. I’m not sure how this will work in the real world with strangers.. perhaps through a smart escrow ? (trustless transactions work for me). I’m sure there’s a solution out there.  Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how to access the various nft communities, I’d recommend searching for discord channels channels

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