Collecting nfts like Seashells on the Beach

I’ve been enjoying developing & creating nft artwork specifically for the blockchain and in particular I’ve been encouraged by the proliferation of choices in platform. (It’s a great change of pace from writing and producing electronic music, a diversion and a way to recycle creative energy). The light footprint, low energy TEZOS based platforms of and have both caught my attention.

Low energy minting is an obvious advantage (for us & the entire planet) and the anaology used by tezos is a sunflower seed’s worth of energy to mint an object compared to 30 litres of oil on ETH. That’s in the order of magnitude of millionths less. Not to be sneezed at.

                                Immoral Instamine specially created for the NiftySax project by OUTERGROUND

MAGPIE Tendencies
I also like the idea of collecting NFTS as a way to be involved, to encourage other artists to keep going ! (not to be underestimated) and perhaps make a profit later on, but mostly because I like collecting art. I’ve been collecting physical art for years and the one drawback is that I don’t have enough wall space (in a fairly big 3 storey house) to house and display my entire collection.

Infinite Gallery Space 
Like a gallery I have to rotate the work in order to appreciate it. Not so with nfts (which can become a bit like collecting bubble gum cards.) I’m not that interested in series of collectibles but I do like some of the great work on people’s portfolios.

Until HEN’s unfortunate pulling of the swap function last week due to a code exploitation which saw work being taken from the network, I was enjoying collecting and as I don’t have a huge budget to spend I’ve been finding really inexpensive work to collect. I’m building up a really interesting menagerie of work which is part still image, part animation.  My collection on  If you really can’t do without HEN for a few more days then the OBJKT.BID tool allows nft swapping (it is a 3rd party tool.)

Screenshot from my HEN collection which features some great glitch work, photo-collage, generative animation, illustration and digital painting. The following artists are included in my collection and you can find them all on twitter. Supporting an artist, even in the smallest way is a valuable contribution to the Universe.
I’ve sold 6 pieces on Kalamint so far and this small number of works sold, including a SOLD OUT edition of 3 has encouraged me to think of new ideas. Sometimes you just have to have a reason to do something 😉

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