Colour Study series

When I fiddle with my algorithms it’s easy for me to end up in a sort of “cul-de-sac”. I have different overlapping ideas and not all of them are well thought through. But instead of realising that immediately, I start writing code anyway and only after a while I notice that I’m not going anywhere with it: it either requires programming skills I haven’t fully developed yet or it’s just that I had a bad idea to begin with…

This colour study is the outcome of one of those “moments”. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to accomplish but the outcome were these simple, minimalist I could say, images. I then worked a bit more on the colorization deciding for a simple 4 colour base palette, where each colour receives some randomization in its Hue, Value and Saturation.

These 4 images are, in my opinion, the most representative of that creative session somewhat “gone bad”.


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