Cryptosonoglyphs Series 1 is complete, the unpublished 16th piece is now available to collectors to unlock

Today we completed the first series by uploading the final 16th to IPFS. The 16th piece is encrypted and the decryption key can only be obtained by combining 5 of the key shards found in the unlockable content file packs released to the purchasers of the first 15 pieces.

The 16th piece will be minted into an NFT upon request of the first 3 collectors to decrypt it. Only 3 editions will ever be minted and only upon request.

The 16th piece includes:

  • Full HD, 4K and 8K MP4 files featuring all of the first fifteen Cryptosonoglyphs
  • A sixteenth sound (uncompressed .wav file)
  • An exclusive remix of The Great Knot featuring the sixteenth sound (uncompressed .wav file)
  • A translation of the phrase spelled out by the first 15 Cryptosonoglyphs in hieroglyphics and English
  • A chart detailing the meaning of each Cryptosonoglyph and its corresponding hieroglyph
  • A GIF cover image

Collectors of 5 or more of the first series can request detailed, step by step decryption instructions, or skilled cryptographers can challenge themselves to decrypt the 16th piece without instructions or assistance. All the hints and tools you need to solve the puzzle can be found on our website and Twitter. The choice is yours.

Cryptosonoglyphs Vol. 1 – The Great Knot

cryptosonoglyph noun cryp·to·sono·glyph | ˈkrip-tō-sōnō-ˌglif: the heteroradical re-imagining of Late Bronze Age hieroglyphics combining 3D animation, cryp…


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