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Elysium Fields – A free OBJKT from the Inner Space Collection by OUTERGROUND

Outerground is often engaged in creating photo-collage from their own archives and drawing from public, historical archives in photography and illustration. In addition to regular work across digital painting, electronic music and hand drawn animation, OUTERGROUND has another bubbling interest in the full spectrum output. Generative art and animation.

Elysium Fields (pictured below) is a still frame from a #hic1000 mint and this particular object is produced at a cost of ZERO to the collector. Any unsold OBJKT’s will be burned after 36 hours and while many bots may exploit this open gesture, there is an opportunity for anyone interested in collecting (or indeed re-selling nfts) to grab one and run 🙂 so do get one before they go to the big wallet in the sky !

The original collection housing these animations are available on as the Inner Space Collection on opensea where these animations are available from 0.05 – 0.5 ETH

hic et nunc

decentralized digital assets

Forming a vast and growing collection of work, often photo-source based, sometimes bit processed & many from pure geometry, Elysium Fields represents a junction in Outerground’s interests. Photography, nature, scientific ideas and art blend into a strange wonderland, where up is down and the sky becomes the ground, where nature is twisted and contorted into incredulous forms suggesting something is not quite right with what we are seeing.

The title: Elysium Fields refers not only to the burning of unused tokens but to the ancient Greek idea of the afterlife and in this context brings the idea full circle as a working idea of how our idealised versions of nature are often fanciful anthrocentric and unhealthy, at best unbalanced and in need of remedial investigation for a better future for Earth’s rapidly dwindling 8 million species – a world based on a deeper understanding of the interdependence of Earth’s life support systems, disciplined rationality and precautionary principles as a basis for conservation of the environment.

Nature forms a backbone of artistic interest to OUTERGROUND from microscope studies, projected into the real world, studies of insects in stencil and paint, photography from the macro to the astrophoto level. Life through lenses bringing to the surface that which we ordinarily cannot see holds a life long fascination and ever repeating theme.

Comparative study of scale provides endless opportunity to admire the underlying rules of nature.. and this is really what it’s all about. Looking inside the endless cogs and gears of nature to understand ourselves. Isn’t that art and science’s purpose ? looking for truth, however notional the outcome may seem.
                                        Animation available on opensea from the Inner Space collection 

Reading about and often only partly fully comprehending (personally speaking) the quantum world has profoundly influenced the outlook of many people in the modern era and it’s ramifications, possibilities and myriad quandries are only really just beginning to be unravelled by the mighty minds of physicists and mathematicians. It seems the schism in society we collectively experience is partly due to the colossal gap and seeming incompatability of the crash between the classical and quantum world, first described so many years ago. In the meantime, providing fertile matter for lucid imaginations of artistically inclined individuals. LMAO >  



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