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Today,Ray, Flower and Air were at the outpost. All the patrols who went tothe post were quite young – one hundred – one hundred and fifty yearsold, at least, while more experienced ones had to train the army,since the enemy’s forces were constantly growing. Ray was their trueleader, he received a huge charge of the forces of Light at birth, itwas not for nothing that he was called this. The power of the chargewas determined by a combination of different factors – the activityof the Core, the power of prayers and a number of other reasons. Manysaid they were lucky, but the more experienced ones confidentlyasserted that luck and accidents do not exist. Ray, from birth, hadyellow skin. Blue hair, of medium length, adorned his head, flowingat the moment in the wind as he peered into the mist with his clear,lively green eyes. Ray had an absolutely heroic appearance with aslender and athletic build. He always spoke laconic, clearly andloudly. He controlled the forces of Light.

Flowerwas a source of kindness and cordiality in their team. He had rosyskin of soft shades that changed from mood swings to darker andlighter ones. On his head were bright green dreadlocks, of a lengthjust below the shoulders – rigidly curved in different directions.His physique was normal. Flower loved plant life and was crazy aboutbotany. He fed on the forces of the Earth, and controlled trees andstones.

Airwas the guy who controlled the air element, creating all sorts ofwhirlwinds and tornadoes. This one was an athlete, with a wide backand chest. He was born as a sturdy guy with orange skin, dark-blueand short, curly hair and yellow eyes. He was a little bit shorterthan the others.

Theguys were a hundred years old, though they were still quite young,and their abilities were still in their infancy. There was greatpotential within them. Alas, instead of honing their skills andharmonizing their essence in the silence of the temple, they now hadto hang out in the wind and drizzling, cold rain, on a stone wallshrouded in darkness.

-Brother, shine some more light, – said Air to Ray.

Raylooked at him:

-I already shone, two minutes ago. Why are you not happy with thespotlights?

-There’s almost no light from these, – said Air, and breathed inwith delight a gust of wind that hit in the face. The othersshivered.

Thefact was that the corresponding natural elements charged the Patrols.So Ray was charged from the Light of the day, and Flower could simplyrelax and sit in a garden or forest and recharge with the energy ofthe Earth.

-Then what, you will hand me over for recycling, just like an oldbattery? – asked Ray.

-Nope. Not right away. We’ll recharge you a couple more times. Wewill put you on the table, and we will read in front of you in theevenings,” – said Air.

-Do not forget to ventilate the room while reading, – Ray said with agrin, turning his whole body to Air. They stood a couple of stepsapart.

-Ha-ha, ventilate! – Air exclaimed, – Ray is on fire, huh? – he said,turning to Flower.

Flower,standing a couple of steps from them and exactly in the middle,answered Air with an absolutely even look, without emotion, as theyreact to troublemakers and fools.

-Be careful not to burn yourself, – said Ray, looking from underfrowned eyebrows.

-Hey, hey, cool down, you, Lamp, – said Air, holding out his palms infront of him, – You will get overheated.

-Hey.. – the Flower began.

-Yes, something is not right, – said Ray, straining his cheekbones,and threateningly taking a step forward.

-Listen.. – Flower tried to intervene.

-So I will help you, – answered Air, and blew slightly towards theRay, which made him stepped back, squinting his eyes from the wind.

Ray,clenching its fists, rushed forward. The air followed his example,but two hands in the form of thick tree roots stopped them, grippingtheir shoulders tightly. 

Flowersaid, “Hey, that’s enough!”, – they turned angry faces at him.“Distortion”, – he added.

Thenboth began to change their facial expressions, their gaze ceased tobe hostile. They stopped pressing with their whole bodies, whilestepping back. They shook hands, as a sign of reconciliation, andRay, looking back at the soldiers, who had been expecting aninteresting denouement all this time, shouted:

-Attention! Prepare for defense! – and ran along the wall to occupythe left flank.


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