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Eth Hunt – A unique take on NFT’s

Eth Hunt is an NFT puzzle like you haven’t seen before! 25 of the 1000 NFT’s is a unique puzzle piece, for example, 1 picture may hold clues to how to decipher the description. another may hold the answer hidden in the picture. All puzzles will give a word one way or another that word is verified with a “!Command” on the corresponding puzzle channel on the discord server.
25 puzzle stages the first winner gets the 25 ETH price. 25 ETH will go to an Axie Infinity scholarship helping 50–70 people to get a job. Some of the profits from this scholarship will after the 7th month get put into the community wallet.
50% of what the community wallet generates in resale on Opensea will go to a monthly giveaway to a random holder starting 1 month after sellout.

A lot of the puzzles are decrypted messages or riddles everything you need to solve them can be found here: but don’t be fooled the tools can be found but how to use them or what the tools are called is for you to find out!

Do you have what it takes to become The Master Puzzler?
if yes then mint your ticket at

Make sure to join the discord everything you need to know will go down there!

Official Opensea collection can be found here


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