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Fallen Queen I: Bile

I’m a veteran illustrator but new to the NFT world. After selling my first 3 NFTs at daVinci gallery I decided to unleash a particular trilogy in my portfolio, one that in 2015 represented a stylistic bridge for me, one I sought in the need of finding a way of illustrating which was closer to me than the work I had been doing up that point.

It’s by” letting go” that I came up with the Fallen Queen series, now just launched at Hic et Nunc (, where I’ll be minting one “Queen” each week.

The first is “Bile”, the second is “Sorrow”, the third “Grudge”.

You will eventually notice how from the 1st to the 3rd there is a noticeable difference in the way I lay down brushstrokes (however digital ones) and the way female anatomy is approached. But they all have in common a gritty and uncomfortable eroticism, more repugnant than attractive, at times disturbing. It was my own “Dante’s Inferno”, inevitable passage to something else.

Each Queen represents a dark emotional or existential state, which could be at times my own, or perhaps what caught my interest back then. Mostly they are emotional states that witches in folk tales go through. You might also notice that Queen I: Bile (here posted) is preparing a poisonous apple, very much like the Queen of Snow White.

I will let you discover the other two in the coming weeks.

To this day this trilogy is dear to me. Distant, somehow and yet ever present.


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