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Find yourself first

Hey  I’m Elijah and I created this art when I was severely broken and lost in my life and could not convey in words what I had in my soul because my thoughts was much mixed with feelings… and I decided to express it visually

Find yourself first

The first attempt created this art failed because of the weather and the police who did not look very favorably at the fire and what we do in the city in the middle at the night.

On the second attempt, my health problems began abruptly and I lost consciousness and had to rush to the hospital, after which with painkillers I still went to the location to shoot, but again failed because the flashcard stopped working.

I was very upset because in addition to being broken, I was failing in creating my art and then I thought that these were signs of the world say me that need stop … but I did not stop because I was sure that this was my test and my strong passion with sublimation a won.

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