Fire Helmet – Elemental Helmet Beats

I work as a VR/AR 3D artist, but I want to do what everyone in the NFT community is doing. I want freedom in my art, and how they value each of everyone’s art just like how it is supposed to be. I recently started making beats, and I loved it, then that’s the time that I suddenly think of mixing it with my arts, so I started making “Elemental Helmet Beats Series.” I’ve done four elements already, but I haven’t sold one yet. But it’s ok! the good thing is that I already made it. I once lost track of my passion, but because of this NFT thing, I started making art again, I started loving it again, so I am very thankful that I have it again, the burning passion that I once lost. If anyone wants to check my collectibles, just go to this link


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