Forever Love

12 years ago my life changed forever, I met my best friend, my wife, my soulmate. Words can’t even describe the love I feel for my wife and how thankful I am to have such a great companion like her by my side in good and in bad times. If it wasn’t for my wife, I wouldnt have the privilege to share my paintings with people like you today! 

So a few weeks ago, I surprised my wife with this painting which I dubbed ‘Forever Love’. This painting captures the timeless bond we share together. It took me 10 hours to complete with pretty much no break  Sometimes I even forget to drink water 🙃

 I decided to sell it as an NFT to commemorate the love between two individuals. You can check it out here.

Also, if you like this style, feel free to check out some of my other works that use similar techniques to get this kind of effect and result, here.

Much love,Cliff


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