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Ghost Scribe


'Authentic Appreciation in every situation slays Demons of Illusion.  Give them Gratitude & watch their black wings go white; light the dark & lead you home.' ~Ghost.Scribe
'Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.' ~Vernon Law
'True Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.' ~ H. L. Mencken


Recent Project

'Guardians of the Sun'

'If I had but a sImple moment,

to thank Grace, each lIght wave;

choosIng my dIrectIon, so many,

lIght year moments lIvIng through me.

we came to flow wIth experIence,

zero and One dance In the essence,

expanding the eternal truth that Is us,

All chosen ONES,

All made of the same dIvIne elements.

sharIng In ways beyond broadway theatrIcs,

some days wIth wInd’s subtle kIss.

IdIocentrIc ways & displays of synchronIcIty,

If you haven't yet,

start lIstening.

When the lIghts go out,

and the Sacred Darkness surrounds,

Remember, you're never alone,

when your enemIes surround,

& the Fear chokes your sound,


with whom you walk among.

If you had just a twInkle,

Hold It,

ApprecIate the waves lIght makes,

You can't lose,

when you bInd wIth gratItude,

try to fInd It,

trust you've got It made.

Look around,

you can always ask for help.

Regardless, we all know you got thIs.

Let your fears of what no longer serves,

SaIl away,

out to the Black,

WhIte & Grey.

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Authentic Appreciation in every situation slays Demons of Illusion. Give them Gratitude & watch their black wings go white; light the dark & lead you home.

~Ghost Scribe

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