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Glimpses arise in the most diverse situations and times.


The concept of the image

The basic message that the artist proposed, concerns the deification regarding the ‘metaverse’. To the world that man has created as being alternative. The artist tried through the image to review the concept of novelty in a degraded environment. There is a contrast in the image which is about the glasses, technological, wireless. Different from the situation of the avatar who wears it. The individual in focus, accompanied by his pet, is glimpsed by something unknown inside the metaverse. Out here in the real world it is cold, it is precarious and the pet represents the survival alert, on the lookout for the next food source. While his human companion languishes amidst distractions.

Programs used:
Daz3D, Zbrush, 3DSMax and Photoshop

Dimensions: 5400×6407

NFT available for sale on TEZOS marketplace HERE (Kalamint)


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