Golden Glory

The Pandas had become endangered on the blockchain just as they are endangered in real life.
Their devious blockchain creator gods had rug pulled their community, and totally wiped away their value on the blockchain.

This led the Pandas into a dire situation, they had become endangered after having a potentially bright future, and begun to call upon other blockchain entities for help.

The PixelBugz nation heard a distress call emitting from the blockchain, and instantly deployed a fierce battalion of PixelBug soldiers on an intense rescue mission. Once they had secured the Pandas from any more harm, they started to manipulate their genetics by combining Panda genes, and PixelBug genes through a hybridization program.

The Pandas had their DNA upgraded, and stabilised, and then evolved into the mighty PANDABUGZ that we see today!

They gained notoriety on the blockchain and colonised land in Somnium Space to set up their new powerful nation.

This is the saga and history of the mighty PandaBugz! Inspired by a true story and brought to the blockchain. This is history in the making.


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