Good Evening Monday!

Good Evening fellow NFTers!

Hope everyone has been well and has managed to sell at least a couple of their NFTs! I was SO HAPPY to have someone claim my free Ethereum animation on Friday. Even though it was free I was over the moon someone thought my work was worth owning. Just a great feeling altogether!

Now, it’s been a few weeks and my “free period” has officially ENDED. Everything that is set to 0 will remain that way, but the few that are still on auction will go up dramatically in price if nobody claims them! So have a look around see if anything peaks your fancy! I’ll leave the link to my profile below, hopefully something interests you.

It’s interesting the story we’ve come up with around value. Above all else we value STORY, it’s the way we’ve evolved. Forget practicality, if we can collectively come together to create something like an idea or vision, that will tickle us like nothing else. It’s how we beat the Neanderthal, and it’s how experts know NFTs are here to stay, one form or another.

That being said, I worried people might think my work is worthless cuz I made it free, another very common story for artists when they’re first starting out. A shame really, we are unable for the most part to separate the art from the artist because we want the STORY. The INSIGHT! And that’s only natural and to be expected. We don’t always want to project our own stories onto the piece as per the wish of the artist. 

Ok enough of that. All to say pretty much nothing will be free from now on. I’m not delusional though. I know I can’t be charging crazy prices yet as I climb the ladder of recognition. One day enough people will believe the story of Red Aether worthy of their attention! Until then here I go, working on my art day by day.

Which brings me to the main point of all this. I’ve just released quite a few NFTs over the weekend! I’ve opened up a few new collections including RED PAINT, RED fOTO, and ETHEREUM DOTS which is a weird experiment more than anything else. I’ll talk more about that last one another time.

I am attempting to expand as much as possible given my very limited resources. I was heartbroken to open up Blender and not even be able to change the value of the vertices without my computer freezing up. So that will have to wait. I’ll continue to rely on AE for those sweet 3D REDNERS wherever possible. 

It’s great to be part of this community. I do recognise my work so far as been quite rudimental. Not only is that due to my limited capabilities, but that is also no accident. I have very specific big ideas I want to execute but until I am able or feel I have enough of people’s attention, I’m testing the waters, building up that portfolio, and I am really truly grateful to have you along for the ride. 

Ok, I think that’s all for now. It’s 12am here and I’m barely awake so hopefully some of that made sense. Keep shilling that sweet art! Until next time!

-the fire inside, Red Aether


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