How it started.. an origin story

Before I started combining my craft with crypto to create NFT’s, i was working on other projects.

The main component in my art has always been resin. I have been working with this material since 2016. Initially to repair a broken surfboard, but soon the spark to create other things with it hit me. I started small, and created jewellery and other tokens from resin and wood.

 Soon i moved on to bigger things, like coffee-tables and dressers, and started selling them as well. Then came the commissioned projects to create entire dining tables from large slabs of tree and resin.

While i was going through this journey of creating this art, i have also discovered crypto since 2017. However, i never thought these two topics in my life could coincide with each other. That’s when i learned about NFT’s. And from that moment it has been my personal goal to combine my art-world with my crypto-world. 

Ever since this revelation, my mind has been constantly rattling with ideas and thoughts for inspiration. As a result, i have created a line of unique Crypto Art Blocks that features different crypto elements. Since its important for me that the physical piece, of which i put so much of my time in, is available to an interested buyer, i really wanted to put in the option to be able to redeem each piece. This feature has been incorporated in my NFT’s which mean when someone purchases the NFT from me, they’ll be able to unlock the data within the NFT and redeem the physcial piece for themselves. 

I am very proud of the pieces that have come out of the collection so far, and i am extremely excited about the pieces which are still in-progress and coming soon. I hope you enjoyed my story so far. Feel free to check out more about me or my collection, or reach out! Thank you! – CryptoResin


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