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  Hello everyone! My name is Brandon Fink, I am a 35 year old dude with a daughter and future wife that has one hell of a past but now am just a very involved family man! I love the arts in general and as a child I acted and was lead in a few high school and community plays and even got to perform in Disney World as a teen! My friends at the time of coarse made fun this and called it “gay”.. In hind sight this was a bunch of guys that rolled around on mats with other men getting sweaty while I went on a performing vacation with 3 other dudes and 16 ladies… smh oh if we could just go kick some sence into out younger selves. 

   Anyways I did the military thing for satellite communications to get away from my small town. I exceeded at everything I did, physical and mental, yet always seemed to be in some kind of trouble because that army of one bullshit is just that, they want followers that won’t question obvious stupidities… My experience anyways. Plus the Seattle area I was in had so much to do but never a good time to do it with constantly overcast, dreary, rainy weather. In the end, and I will tear up as I write this now over 12 years later, I was on desk duty and got my own red cross call about my grandmother passing (your not supposed to get your own call [my luck]), just 3 months after she lost her son, my uncle to cancer in just his 40s. Well I was heading home for the funeral and as I was in line walking into my plane, I got a call from my very best friend, in whom I planned on surprising for coffee and cigarettes in the morning so I didn’t answer as I was boarding anyways. 

  My best friend growing up was 70 something year old man I played over 50,000 rounds of yahtzee with over like 4 years. I lived in a small town and had to hide my smoking from my parents so I pretty much lived with the dude after school. He was a very special man. This guy had millions of dollars he earned in the stock market over the years, he donated a mill to a local cancer ward once I remember even. His back room in his very basic 3 bed one bath house had a dining table with leteral towers of stock related stuff, and the rest had things like 15 year old microwaves, televisions, ancient stove.. all that money and he lived a very quiet chill not extravagant life.  He was an amazing person and growing up he was my voice of reason that I owe alot of my views on the world to and kept me out of alot of trouble.

    Anyways, I get home n go to bed, and wake up thinking about going to see Lee (my friend), sitting and having our coffee and catching up over the last year, in which, he sent me the money to go take a course and go skydive so I could do it without being strapped to someone’s back, it was the most incredible experience of my not from money life next to seeing my child being born and I owe that to him to.  Instead my mother came in my bedroom and sat on the corner of my bed to tell me Lee passed last night as I was flying in. I’ll never ever be able to forgive myself for not answering that damn call and getting to tell him to hang in there just a few more hours, or at least just of had heard him and been able to thank him for everything he ever did for me and to say goodbye. To wrap up this already awesome trip home I then found out at my grandma’s viewing that another very close friend had committed suicide and pretty much no one had wanted to tell me..

   Well I downward spiraled out of control and came home once my term was up and job hopped and got in the same not great crows as before. Then I started bartending at the biggest spot in this small town and did very well but also got in deeper with bad influences and even managed to wind up doin a lil time. 

   Luckily when I got out it wasn’t long til I met my girlfriend and have our daughter and it was like some switch in me that my family had been trying to hit for 20 years finally just clicked. I work a job that is going no where but we do well for ourselves and even going on a real beach vacation this year!  I pour my time, love, and energy into my family and it’s just amazing.. when I’m with them I’m always doing what I wanna do and don’t need anything else. 

   For the first time in my life I gotta hobby that might not land me in trouble when I started using faucet sites and such to collect crypto because even though we are getting by fine I still want to give my girls even more someday! After a year of being into it n learning the ins and outs of all the sites I realized my notes from the past year might help others like me trying to get a leg up without the means to do it, but a bit of patience  and I created  over the past 6 months it’s done well! I don’t really get anything  for it but some referral rewards which unless you have massive amounts of it don’t add up to much, but I get alot of positive feedback from begginers and thats what I did it for!

   I suck at sleep and spend my family’s waking hours with them but on the weekends in the morning and almost every night, I suck at sleep so once the site was up and running I started taking up painting as I’ve always had interest in the arts of all forms and as I get older and watch more documentaries I become fascinated by people like DaVinci and wanted to try but never knew what ide paint, as I’m also admittedly not the best drawer.  My crypto pass time gave me inspiration,  and I started out making pretty backgrounds with symbols on them, basic stuff but I know what’s “cool” and can make some neat basic shit! The more I do the more I try and have been expanding to landscapes and other inspirations I get mainy from my girls!  I had been painting a bit when I started hearing about this whole NFT thing and was just wow that’s awesome, a new way to show my art to people as in this small town there isn’t any galleries or any kind of thing like that. 

   I paint because I love it! I do what I want and it don’t always turn out perfect but I have a blast making it. Honestly since I’ve straightened out, I have to be a control freak. I have to control myself and not make decisions I used to.  But, being a father and future Husband, I have no control over my life lol. I gave myself to them completely,  my 2 hours in the mornings here n there are pretty much the only time I have control over. The rest of it I don’t need control over because doing what makes them happy and seeing them happy is what makes me happy! None the less I can’t even explain how much I enjoy my control over the paint and canvas, its mine, I feel I need it , and I love it.

   So yes I did get into NFTs during a time when everyone is grabbing for cash, but no, I don’t care! I love my art and I get by just fine, and rather anyone buys anything or not, I’m still going to bed with a full tummy and cuddles with a totally smoking naked hottie with a kid in the other room that thinks I’m the best toy ever! I simply do what I do because I enjoy it, and I hope others do to and I would love to get my art out there in new places to be seen by new people, and hey, if I make a lil towards getting a smile on kids face, and my girl in a bikini at the beach, then rock n roll!


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