Imagination is the flow of thoughts and feelings coming from subconscious mind. And our perception, intentions and state of mind gives it the direction to flow. It’s strength and continuity is base on how focused you are. It uses data from brain and external world to associates and produces new ideas.


Imagine by understanding how it works and you can achieve what you want, wouldn’t it be wonderful ? If you imagine you want to be healthy and you become healthy or you want to be successful and ideas start coming , isn’t it great ? What is happening here when you are imagining, your cognitive brain and sense organs are isolated temporary and large part of brain is synchronised and result it produces new ideas and new possibilities. When you finish you comeback to senses and your conscious mind’s job is to filter useful ones.


One of the easiest technique is questioning using ‘AS IF’ …… what happens ? This technique is used by  good actors in their professions. For example imagine you are healthy and ask yourself what are the things it associates and let it flow for couple of minutes for more associations. Now you add feeling to those things that comes as a healthy person and let it flow again. And you start feeling healthy because there is physiological and psychological process going on temporarily. To have long term effect you have to imagine enough. That is it.

Finally whenever you are feeling boring, enjoy the ride of Imagination and good feeling while achieving health, success or dream girls.


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