Into the abyss

BrokeStarvingNftArtist on Twitter: “#NFTs #nftcollectors #nftart #NFTartist #hicetnunc #glitchart Fresh 💧 drop💩Into the abyss 👇 10editionFull profile / Twitter”

NFTs #nftcollectors #nftart #NFTartist #hicetnunc #glitchart Fresh 💧 drop💩Into the abyss 👇 10editionFull profile

Into the abyss. Looking at this fascinating place and image reminds me of what it means to be at the opposite of the infamous black hole region of space. A place filled with light and matter and love is this current space where I reside, so thus this image represents a declaration of a good time in my life, my work capturing these latent emotions deep inside me. Coupled with an insane but quiet beat, one doesnt know where to go with it, “is he dropping it or letting it ride”, ect. I create just for the absolute fact TO create. Not all my works/pieces/nfts has some deep esoteric meaning. I just create what looks good.


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