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Hi my name is Andrey I am 20 and I live in Russia.In a word, I’m like a Swiss knife, I can do a lot of things in some cases more in some cases less.As long as I can remember, I wanted to create something different, something unique.My introduction to the digital space began around the fall of 2019.Then I just studied, made the first models, and so on.Then, in a fit of inspiration, I decided to study the unity engine.I couldn’t explain to anyone why I was doing this,I just wanted to.I managed to make a small piece of the “game” but when the inspiration subsided, I realized how difficult it would be in the future.Leaving the engine(I am grateful for the experience that I got in it)I got to know the arts.The usual art that you see here and there.And then I really blossomed…With the oppressive Russian atmosphere,a sense of hopelessness,uncertainty about the future, and so on, I began to draw vague “disturbing” art(if you can call it that).All this environment adversely affected me(I’m talking about living in Russia)but I did not despair and turned it to my advantage.In the future, I would like to develop not only in art, but also in 3d and combine them.After learning about nft I immediately started to learn information about how and where to use it and I realized that this is my chance to get out of this swamp.

Living in an environment of decay and degradation, I have absorbed all the toxic juices that emanate from my environment and poured them out on the canvas, the crypto canvas… The first collection I dedicate to my family and how I see them through the prism of my world vision.The first work I dedicate to my mother and how she can not look at me without tears in her eyes, what I have now become…

I would like to give a special thanks to Simone,without her I would not be here.Here are the links to it

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Family collection #1 Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

This collection will tell you a piece of life about my family and how I see each of them


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