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Krypto Scum_01

Krypto Scum is an expression of my love for transient characters.
These are my favorite characters in any story.
In movies they appear as street punks confronting a cyborg in The Terminator, random gangs cackling like hyenas in The Warriors, the psychotic bully, Henry Bowers, in Stephen King’s IT.
They are junkies, thugs and flick knife wielding teens.
They are destined for destruction, too chaotic to live and yet they are perfectly captured forever in these brief and fleeting moments.

Krypto Scum_01 is the first release of this series. It is a collection comprised of 5 unique variations on a single character. All 1 of 1’s and in 4K resolution

Krypto Scum_01: Acid Sundown
Retro synthwave vibes

Krypto Scum_01: Bye Bye Katty
Embracing kitsch fashion

Krypto Scum_01: ETH Addiction
Because it’s crypto art yeh

Krypto Scum_01: NeoTokyo
A homage to Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira

Krypto Scum_01: VHS Acid
A tribute to the beautiful designs of VHS sleeves from the 80’s and 90’s

These pieces can be found on my Foundation page KyrptoScum


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