LIBESKIND ARTS to develop NFTs and new interactive experiences

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Lev Libeskind of Studio Libeskind Design and Libeskind Architettura Milano, partnering with a diverse group of creatives forms a new venture to pursue digital art and music NFTs, virtual and metaverse architecture and VR interactive experiences to be marketed under the new brand, LIBESKIND ARTS.

“I’m grateful and honored to collaborate with such a fantastic group of artists and technologists on something I’m passionate about. Digital art NFTs represent a fantastic new medium on the very frontier of creativity — allowing technologies from a variety of different fields to be unleashed to their full potential, going beyond mere function to touch the soul.” — Lev Libeskind

LIBESKIND ARTS has already debuted the first series of its first collection of NFTs, Cryptosonoglyphs, and will soon be releasing a series of virtual galleries in conjunction with Cyber, an innovative platform that allows digital artists and collectors to create fully immersive experiences (3D, VR) with their NFTs.

“We started Cyber with the idea that virtual architecture in the digital world should be freed of physical constraints. We’re very excited to partner with Lev Libeskind and his team to bring their real-world experience into the Metaverse and build architecture for the virtual world, a realm where any architectural creation is made possible.” — Rayan Boutaleb, Cyber CEO and Founder

In addition to the virtual galleries, LIBESKIND ARTS will also be launching a series of physical companion pieces to the Cryptosonoglyphs collection. Owners of the Cryptosonoglyph NFTs will have right of first refusal on physical art pieces hand-sculpted out of metal and porcelain, based upon the glyphs.

LIBESKIND ARTS is planning the release of more NFT collections over the coming weeks and months, including Mythomemes, Cybercollages and Crustacean Automobiles.



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