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Little Green Men

This photo-collage from the HOME collection marks a departure point from the original series and the beginnings of a new iteration. A playful treatment of the original magnificent seven, the full Mercury Mission crew are assembled in full kit for a press photo.

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Hue shifting brings us to the title, because let’s face it, if anyone are the little green men, it’s us – the junior space explorers riding on the back of primitive rocket technology up beyond the atmosphere for the first time, in what becomes an historic and quite epic moment of milestones in human history.

To tie the story together, a still image from a US Navy fighter’s locked on targeting system; the ‘tic-tac’ footage which was recently verified as authentic after years in circulation. Their origins remain a mystery and although it’s always possible that they’re ultra-advanced & above top secret terrestrial technology, it’s not known how they achieve velocity or manoeuvres without ripping themselves apart under immense forces of gravity and friction.

This image made me think about how to use layers to traverse time and in later images from the series, I began to use elements from contemporary missions, deploying an image of Perseverance’s heat shield as a kind of halo symbol. The Gods of the ancients were depicted and described as masters of the sky and so I’ve re-imagined the analogy for our astronauts and flight controllers who take on a magical otherworldly quality of their own, with their unique abilities to leave the rest of us Earthly types behind, bound by gravity to the floor.

Back Row, top right: Gordon Cooper in his later years revealed that the subject of UAP’s or UOO’s (Unidentified Orbiting Objects) were a very sensitive and constant feature of early space travel. In one interview, he dispassionately describes how they were ‘accompanied’ by UOO’s on every flight into space, often being tailed in varying degrees of synchronous flight.. the whole way, by small craft. It’s a part of modern folklore which I find fascinating and it’s still largely shrouded in layers of mystery.  


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