‘I’m here to help keep you out of your own damn self-pity.’ The words echoed down to him from the ceiling high above — his voice resolute, like the shining beacon of light he always was. Vis would usually just tell L.T. to let him rot in there…that there was no where else he’d rather be…but there was no convincing his partner when he was determined. And by the glint in his eyes and the actual shimmer of his skin, L.T. definitely had a plan to help him escape the underground cell – “and his own damn self-pity” – once again.

One of the main characters from a hardboiled story I am currently writing titled, “Amber Eyes”. This was my initial first concept sketch of him. 

L.T. is Vison’s work partner, best friend, and the one who keeps his head on straight most of the time.

Amber Eyes is a hardboiled, detective drama based in Electric City, an megalopolis with a dark and mythical history that has been lost to the modern world — historical records destroyed from public archives, and keepers of old-world knowledge seemingly wiped from existence. Corporate meddling by the powers that be? Or simply relics of the past that fade as the world turns?

Enter Vison. A private investigator with a penchant for getting to the bottom of even the deepest of mysteries…except his own. Selective amnesia, his shrink keeps telling him. Some sort of reaction of past trauma, and all that’s left is a dream that begins and ends with a struggle, and…’the woman with the amber eyes’.

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So…animals you say?

While first creating this story, I drew inspiration for each character starting with a simple trait from an animal — some I have given more visual representation than others. When first describing L.T. to my older brother to help come up with a look and feel for the character, I told him, “This guy is good at sneaking around and getting into places unseen/unnoticed/undercover — It’s what has made him such a great partner for Vison in the detective work they do. So I guess he would be like a chameleon”. My brother then proceeded to draw a literal “chameleon man” and I had to reiterate that I don’t want the world to look like Zootopia (straight up anthropomorphic animals) but MUCH more subtle. These people are still “human” in this story, just that I wanted to sort of actualize a personality trait in a physical sense. So thinking of an animal that people associate with that trait was my starting point. With a little bit of “fantasy magic” thrown in here and there. In L.T. for instance, the shimmer of his skin can ebb and flow like a chameleon’s scales — and can quite literally help in blend in when he needs to.

I’m keeping these intros brief as I continue to develop this story and characters, you’ll be able to learn more and more about the world of ‘Amber Eyes’. So, that’s it for now….catch you all next time folks! 🙂


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