Lunar Memories

Lunar Memories

“Lunar Memories” – The Space Shuttle, once the vanguard of space exploration, symbolizing new discoveries, an epic feat of engineering, science as well as the human desire to go into space. The astronaut dragging the shuttle behind him symbolizes missing those days when we would look up to the sky and dare to dream of achieving bigger things.

First post here on NFT Aggregator. Hoping to share my NFT work with more artists and collectors.

Starting with Lunar Memories, a 3D render composite that I’ve minted on Rarible along with 16 other NFTs which are looking for a new collector 🙂 

All of my NFTs on Rarible are limited to one minted edition only. If you enjoy the work, please share and connect!

Title: Lunar Memories

Available on: Rarible

Current price: 0.25 ETH


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