The story behind MarYah is a special one that came about like a lot of things do in life, very unexpedtedly. At the top of the year 2017 I found myself extremely interested in creating a series centered around the elements fire and water. I decided that I will start by doing a life drawing of a friend by first asking two questions. Those questions were “Fire or Water?” and “What is your spirit animal?”. The mediums of choice for this series were china markers and an 18 x 24 smooth bristol paper. My first drawing was of my friend Kala who choose fire as her element and a lioness as her animal, and from there the series took shape, with some drawings being of friends from life, and others being created from photographs. 

The deeper meaning behind the use of the two elements and the animals were an exploration into the idea of the spiritual connection between humans and animals, as well as the elements. Fire and water became the elements of focus because those are the two that are used the most by humans, and the symbology of the blue and reddish hues can be seen in many forms of our society. I also thought about things such as the phrase “You’re either hot or cold”, and the nature of the two elements in comparison to human emotions. Another series was initially planned for the elements air and earth, but I haven’t began working on anything towards it. My view towards it now, is to not force it and just allow it to flow naturally… like water.

MarYah can be viewed now as digital assets on I will also be doing a drop party on Clubhose tonight at 8 pm EST. Link here: 


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