Precambrian III

For this work, I tried to be inspired by the artists Joan Miro and Alexander Calder… Both were great friends, and Calder’s early mobile sculptures were directly inspired by Miro’s paintings.
My goal was to combine Joan Miro’s automatism with the sculptures of his friend…A sort of hybrid between the mobiles, and the huge black steel outdoor sculptures found all over the world (called ‘Stabile’)
In fact, Mechanisms (prelude #1) is an attempt to realize a hybrid form between the two main styles of Calder… (The digital file could one day be used for the realization of a monumental sculpture in bronze. The shape is articulated, which would allow the sculpture to be positioned in different ways).
This drawing is done in pastel and colored pencil, on acid-free paper (26 x 42 inches)
Afterwards, the realization of the finished product uses new technology and computer graphics. I make my own materials and textures using nodes, with Blender software. By proceeding in this way, I manage to control the finish of the textures in a more personal way, and which allows a lot of originality…

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