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My first NFT

Hi everyone 🙌

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My name is Haris Saeed Khan and I absolutely love art that is surrounded by beauty, proportion and creativity. Which is why I focus on these things when making art. I work in Surrealism and Portraits, usually a mix of both.

I am a digital illustrator/artist using Procreate on the Apple Ipad to create my pieces. I started drawing at a very young age, however I started working digitally fairly recently. In September 2020 to be precise.

What I can promise to my future NFT collectors or the people who will deem me worthy of their collections is aesthetic, timeless and surreal digital paintings, crafted meticulously with a keen attention to detail. These works will go up in value with time and eventually become a household name. 

I believe uncomfortable, chaotic and disturbing levels of hard work backed by tunnel vision will always pay off in the end. 

I believe I will be one of the greats in Digital Art and Art as a whole because of the reasons stated above. 

You can be one of the first ones to build this foundation with me by supporting/purchasing what I have to offer. I would be extremely grateful to whoever buys my NFT’s in the future and would never be able to Thank you enough for the support! 

Expect Beautiful Surreal pieces, always from my side!  🙌♥️

My First NFT in the link ✅

Stay tuned for much much more!


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