Mystery Cars Road Map

Presentation of the car covered with black cloth on dark illuminated background. 3d rendering

Hi everyone, I wanted to present the Road Map of the Mystery Cars project that you can find here:

  • 20% sales, we pay our programmers for their hard work in designing 3D car models. and we begin to design our garage…
  • 40% sales, all mystery car owners will be sent their car model in the format they prefer (FBX, OBJ, MAX, 3DS, C4D …) and we will start designing tracks for incredible races among yours racing cars …
  • 60% sales the tracks are ready you can register your racing cars and participate in an exciting race with final prize money. I will begin the design of our videogames starring your racing cars…
  • 80% sales, the game is ready, the 100 racing cars chosen by the Mystery Cars community will be included in the game, which will be presented to all the most prestigious sales platforms, Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft …
  • 100% sales, the game is published, the whole community will be able to enjoy the game play earnings.


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