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The breath is the one action that facilitates life. An ever repetitious habit needed to sustain one’s self. The rhythmic and entrancing sound alone can illicit relaxation, synchronizing the viewer with its cadence. Simultaneously for others, can prompt panic and confront individuals with fear and lack of control.

What can I say about this piece that’s not in its description? It’s a short film. I can say that it is a focus not on just the individual’s  breath or significance of it but is rather an exploration in the extension of one’s self through prosthetics. In this case, a self made extremity and the attempt to explore and understand what aspect of yourself that would be. If you’re interested in how I made the mask that isn’t otherwise obvious, I have in-progress shots documented that you’d have to ask me to show ya. 


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"κολυμπώ Καλό"

One of a kind