Prometheus PandaBugz

This is a very special PandaBug, of the Prometheus line, and one of the original common ancestors of the modern day PandaBugz. 

This is one of two twins, a male Prince, and a female Princess born to the Prometheus Queen. The first successfully bred PandaBug from the PixelBug and Panda hybridisation program. 

From these 3 came all of the variations of PandaBugz that we see today. They are all from the original Prometheus bloodline, and the rarer they are the closer their genetics to the mighty 3 Prometheus PandaBugz. 
This piece is animated, and fully 3D, a 1/1 in uniqueness, and 1/3 from the Prometheus bloodline. 

We will be giving the Prince and Princess away to two lucky winners, and the Queen will be sold at auction at some stage in the future after our launch. 

Be sure to to follow us on Twitter so you can enter! @PandaBugz


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