Quickie today…pun intended…

Been working on this new project for my 3D REDNERS collection ALL DAY! I’m almost done-ish…I think. Here’s a screenshot of it.

Something I wouldn’t dare say anywhere else is that I’m using Element 3D to make this. I used some other Red Giant 3D software for the other one but yes, I am doing everything in After Effects and it is terrible! haha!

Today it became very apparent that I must learn Blender ASAP. I’ve watched so much on it already and I understand all the basic concepts of 3D so I’m hoping it’ll be a steady climb. However my machine…ugh…my old cranky laptop. My little Lappy McFailsuck. I’ve done all sorts of things to it. Installed and uninstalled and reinstalled and wiped several times, and partitioned, and wiped again! This thing has been through it all and it is time to retire it…FOR SURE. Or give it a less taxing purpose in life.

However in the meantime, until I can make enough to get a new machine with a shiny 3090 (aw yeh) , I will continue to squeeze the life out of it to make something you can enjoy and something I can be proud of. Which brings me to the climax of this post.

Dropped 4 NFTs today! 1 of them as an addition to the The London collection! And THREE new ones in the new “el doodle” collection, and honestly that shit’s funny! As you already know, until further notice all of these will be 100% FREE so go grab one, show your mum or- child, print it out, colour it in, whatever! It’s only been a few days since I joined the NFT community but I am finding nothing but great prospects in this futuristic creative-centric realm. Hope you all have a great and wonderful Friday and I’ll see you in the next one!

-the fire inside, Red Aether


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