Scrap Papers Collection

This collection is a digital collage with combination of newsletters and torn papers. They are all loop animations which is from my interest to keep things moving.

Each of them has a story behind that I love to share them with you.

#1 Daily Basis

Daily Basis | Foundation

The old silly game of fat cats and its serious ramifications affect us all every day all century long. "Scrap Papers Collection" (2000*2000, 13:10 sec, MP4, L...

Whether it be the war, tyranny, devastation, or even the reporting, it looks like a game that keeps repeating.

This piece is representing how I perceive the game of politics in my art. Confusion and frustration of a person, an old familiar game and scraps of newspapers, are the components of this piece. The scraps positioned inside the frame were chosen from archives of headlines about Iran (my country of origin). These are events closer to me where I find myself in the middle of the repetition of the game.  Meanwhile, the headlines outside of the frame were picked were events from other parts of the world. The intent was to deliver this perception that the game is not limited to a single geographic area, and we are all exposed to all aspects of it everywhere.

#2 Café Girl

Café Girl | Foundation

Café Girl looks at the world in bewilderment. She is floating in an identity crisis and waiting for an uncertain future. (2500*3040, 1:22 sec, MP4, Loop)

Questioning her actions, her role in life, what she wants and how to achieve it, many conflicting mysteries occupy her head. Jumping constantly from one unanswered question to another,  the girl never seems to get anywhere. Carved on her image are bits and pieces of news irrelevant to the mood of the café but contributing to her struggle. she sits there dressed and trying to blend in but is also in her period and feels disconnected.

My inspiration to create this piece was a similar feeling that I had and could also observe from the gazes of other girls when I used to visit a specific café called Godot.

#3 What’s Up

What's Up | Foundation

The ravens fly around to spread the news, though, is there anybody even interested? we're all preoccupied with the economy and the way it spins the world around."Scrap Papers Collection"(1920*1080-Full HD, 11:16 sec, MP4, Loop)

He is famous for screaming "I am the truth" right before his execution. He was a poet and a teacher of Sufism. In 922 AD he was hanged for his teachings, and remarks were perceived as blasphemy and politically dangerous by the ruler of Baghdad. There are various famous tales about Mansour Hallaj's last words in prison such as "all that matters for the ecstatic is that the Unique should reduce him to Unity". Hallaj became famous throughout the cultural history of Iran, where his philosophy inspired poets of each generation to directly mention him in their works and make his name live through.

Amongst the very beautiful works inspired by Hallaj is a poem composed recently by the title "What's Up?"

Ravens sometimes are considered as newsmonger in Persian literature; hence, as I read this poem, the picture in my head was of the sky screaming: What's up? And the Ravens replying: Death of a lonely world; it's memory asleep;  it's beloved away,...


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