Singularity Hero Drop // July 19th

The paradigm shift that happened within the last year made people spend even more time online.
The development of virtual reality and the mind-blowing potential of the NFT world erase the boundaries between real and cyberspace.
We are standing on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, and many of us will consciously choose to put our whole life online instead of living in the real world.
In the future, we are going to experience the metaverses with their economies, social token boom, games, music, and streaming platforms.

Singularity Hero is each of us.

Or, to put it another way, these are our virtual projections in the Internet environment.
We transform into our heroes and sally forth to a thrilling interactive journey through virtual worlds to explore NFT, blockchain ecosystems, music, innovative projects, blockchain games, and other new trends in a never seen before limitless world.

The Singularity Hero project will be launched in July.

The total number of 10.000 Singularity heroes will be released on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each Hero in the collection has properties that algorithmically generated from 170+ different value parameters.
Also, each hero belongs to a certain type. For instance, there are humans, aliens, zombies, robots, demons, and forces of nature among them.
Some types of heroes are very common, while others, contrarily, are extremely rare. You are the one who is going to explore these and many other extraordinary details.
Two hundred fifty pieces of art are reserved for team purposes. They will play major roles in ongoing prize draws and events.
A 2% fee will be charged for secondary sales, and commissions will be fully credited to the allocated account. Its funds will be directed exclusively to charity in favor of an organization of the community’s choice.

Anyway, why not introduce you to some of the characters?
#1 Mystical nerd with a keyboard and steampunk goggles.
#2 Alien inspired by Raiden’s vibe.
#3 The guy who belongs to one of the rarest hero classes — demons.
#4 Prodigy fan zombie. He doesn’t need to eat or sleep, so he plays on the console around the clock. That’s the perfect gamer.

So while we are reviving zombies, deciphering the alien language, looking for new partners, and studying the market, join us on Discord and Twitter.

What else should you expect from the project?

Tons of exciting and extraordinary impressions! For example, you can participate in our private events. Among the other things, you may engage in a joint search and analysis of new projects in the NFT space, games, metaverses, and everything that will spring in this market. In addition, we allocate money to the grant program. The winners of our contests will receive funds and help to launch their collection of art.

About us

We are a decentralized team of NFT enthusiasts that includes two programmers and an artist. Our quartette is always open for communication! Integration into the spaces of the other collections to promote NFT and create value for the entire community is on our agenda. If you have any questions, please let us know.




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