So much for next day renders!



fuck me, omg.

fuck sake…

So, yeah. I owe you an explanation…if you noticed. Which honestly if you did that already means the world to me! So remember where I said the thing I was working on would take a day to render?


It took nearly two weeks! That’s right. I didn’t just up and leave and abandon my NFT journey. I was WAITING for my dumb old 2016 laptop to render something I thought was super simple, but NO! TWO WEEKS! Well, nearly two weeks. Still… damn.

Well it’s here, and it’s published, but I’m not sure how I want to sell it yet. As you already know I said I’d make everything in the beginning for free and I intend to keep it that way at least for the next few projects. But I’m wondering if this is actually worth auctioning or if I should give it away at 0ETH. What do you think?

Lesson learned. It’s time to learn Blender! Even with my incredibly limited resources I think I’ll at least be able to create a couple interesting pieces. I know I can be resourceful when I want to be. Which reminds me!

During this whole process I was trying to figure out how to speed up the rendering process. I was introduced to this website called via pwnisher on one of his streams. Guy, it sucks balls. DO NOT use Vagon. I love Clint, but honestly if he needed to use this service he would have felt the same way I did. It is still very early days and it was SUCH a pain and did NOTHING to speed up the process which honestly blew my mind. I spent like $20 and got no result! Live and learn I guess!

Regardless of all this I remain enthusiastic and I hope to continue on this journey as an NFT artist. I hope you enjoy what I’ve created and even consider buying it, as simple as it is.

I’ll be more active again now that I have my computer back! Thanks to everyone and this awesome community!

-the fire inside, Red Aether


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