Stone Weaver

Stone Weaver is high concept digital art, with a mix of AI assets, digital painting, and photographic elements – which is rapidly becoming my usual workflow and process for creating art and NFTs! 

The concept arose from enjoying the craft and sheer scale of the Mel Gibson film “Apocalypto” and getting caught up in the idea of a Mayan Witch, a reader of the runes, capable of weaving stones into complex designs with the force of her willpower and connection to the gods.

To begin the journey to creating this work, I first started to generate faces using an AI GAN, refining the genes and crossbreeding the results, to try and find the right combination of native strength and tribal ethnicity, mixed with beauty and some sadness for the ending of the Mayan way of life. 

The rest came together with finding references for authentic Mayan scarification, tattooing, piercings, and jewelry; and painting in the torso, environment, levitating stones, and the Ziggurat! 

Now you can see the result as a high resolution NFT to collect and treasure forever as a true one-of-one 🙂


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