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Strong like a Rhino

When I created ‘Strong like a Rhino’ I wanted to create a painting that inspires people to stay strong no matter how small someone else makes them feel. 

We’ve all been there – someone belittles you, puts you down or makes you feel as though you aren’t important and literally makes you feel little.

The little girl in the painting represents exactly that. The rhino on the other hand symbolizes strength and power. Rhinos often exceed over one tonne in weight and have a protective skin as thick as up to 5cm! Rhinos are also short-sighted but are always willing to find a way. 

I hope my painting gives people confidence and reminds them to be strong and thick-skinned like a rhino.

Like all my paintings, ‘Strong Like a Rhino’ is also digitally hand drawn, I’ve included some close-up shots below to show you some of the intricate details I have put into the painting to bring the deeper meaning behind this painting to life.

 ‘Strong Like a Rhino’ is currently up for auction on Open Sea, but not for much longer – so if you’re interested, get your bid in before Friday the 24th


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