That Frog / 99 Frogs a very collectible series by OUTERGROUND

You may have seen the Outerground Frog before. It’s the image which encapsulates the Outerground ethos. 

Frogs are a favourite creature of mine; amphibians spanning the land and water, sensitive creatures with permeable skin, they absorb whatever is around them. They have cute little faces and hands. I sometimes almost remember the time we were pretty much an amphibian tetrapod like a frog. It’s deep in our genes.

Predator and prey, an important part of the ecosystem and also an ecosystem marker, these beautiful metamorphic creatures have been around for aeons and all of a sudden human activity has endangered their habitat with climate change, pollution, plundering and general chaos.

I thought about how the frog image could develop as it’s something I associate with my artwork. I had already begun to modify the frog, with a white, grey & rainbow version.. so I set about colouring the frog in different ways from simple blocks to gradients, textures and overlayed pattern.

It’s been a very satisfying project and one which could easily spin out of control so I set some parameters. There are 99 frogs… although I took out number thirteen, so the frogs are numbered from 1 to 100 in sets of designs, each with a varying number of colourways. Each design has a set number of editions, so for example there are 100 editions each of the 12 single block colours but only 5 of the 6 spot designs in 5 colourways.

There are exactly 5,000 tokens in total.. plus a single image – mystery number thirteen, which may never actually be minted.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the series. I have opened a poll on twitter to help with the naming of the collection. Is it going to be That Frog or 99 Frogs ? Feel free to vote. I have not yet decided which platform to release this collection on. If anyone has any ideas I’m open to hearing them.  

this collectible series will be going live soon… watch this space for more information. You can contact outerground most easily through twitter


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