That Frog / 99 Frogs ? you decide.. take my poll

Everyone needs a little help now & then ! I’m split between That Frog ! or 99 frogs, you can decide for me >>>
I’m using my frog logo for this collectible series and it’s been a lot of fun creating the 99 frogs, which will in turn be replicated with digital frog spawn to number exactly 5,000 froglets in total.. or perhaps 5,001 if I ever decide to let loose the removed item from the list (*number 13) . I’m guessing there will probably only ever be 1 of those minted.

click here to vote for That Frog / or 99 frogs as the title to Outerground’s new collectible series ? you decide

 no/1 in the series is red frog.. there will be 100 each of the 12 single coloured frogs.. a  total of 1200 from a total token publication of 5,000. some will be as rare as 5 each.

no/100 is the final entry in the series. 6 spot grey frog will total 5 editions..

no/86 rainbow halftone will be minted as 10 editions..

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