The Creation

As a story worms its way into my head, characters are further molded and a name is etched out through sound and words and visions. His name is “The Creation”.

One of the main characters from my ‘As Zalacca Falls’ story.

Elves, once hailed as gods, had long ruled and wared over the spiraled lands of Brassica with powerful and mystical magics strong enough to fell mountains and raise hells. And so it would be said that through the destructive nature that came with such power, so to would the greater elves of old bring about their own demise.

The great forest of Helianthus, was the final resting place for the last of these gods, and thus is the last conduit of a once flourishing resource. Magic beyond the its veil is relegated to the practice of Alchemy — the study of artificial magic as a science.

The story follows an alchemically-born creature simply called, The Creation, and the journey to find his way back to his creator, and discover meaning and purpose in a present world, completely foreign to his newborn eyes.

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The Creation is visually derived from three animals, a rat, a lion and a web-toed lizard. A chimera of sorts.

‘As Zalacca Falls’ is a fantasy tale based in a world I want to eventually develop into a table top RPG setting. So far, I’ve been drawing from the Pathfinder framework to help flesh out the world.


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