The FluxBox

The FluxBox – [Batch #KO1] – by Intermedia artist [ a y s h ]. The project is inspired by the legacy of the Fluxus and Intermedia artists of the 1960’s-70s when they aimed to create art that shattered rigid boundaries within the art and real worlds. This is ‘extension art’ which involves interaction on an experiential scale. It is not just an object – it is a blurring between life and art.

The collector of this NFT will receive a PHYSICAL FluxBox with secret art items and objects in it to interact with. It is up to the collector if they wish to share the contents of the box after purchase or if they prefer to keep the items secret for the next collector [if they decide to re-sell the item]. The FluxBoxes are individually made by hand so no FluxBox will ever be the same. They are fine art items

The FluxBox is available on KnownOrigin.

The first NFT FluxBox on KnownOrigin


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